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Results for the species Euura amerinae (Linnaeus):
Classified in: Tenthredinoidea: Tenthredinidae: Nematinae: Euura
Status of name: Valid: Subsequent name/combination
Date of description: 1758
Described by: Linnaeus, page(s) 554.
Citation of original description:
  • Linnaeus, C. 1758. Systema naturae. Regnum Animale. 10th ed. W. Engelmann, Lipsiae. 824 pp.
Synonyms of valid name:
The valid name and its synonyms have been cited as:
  • Cryptocampus amerinae (Linnaeus)
  • Cryptocampus gallae (Newman)
  • Cryptocampus medullarius (Hartig)
  • Cryptocampus pentandrae (Retzius)
  • Cryptocampus populi (Hartig)
  • Cryptocampus saliceti (Fallén)
  • Cryptocampus salicispentandrae (Retzius)
  • Cynips Amerinae Linnaeus
  • Cynips amerinae Linnaeus
  • Cynips salicis amerinae Christ
  • Cynips salicis-amerinae Linnaeus
  • Euura (Euura) amerinae (Linnaeus)
  • Euura amerinae (Linnaeus)
  • Euura gallae Newman
  • Euura medullaria (Hartig)
  • Euura medullarius (Hartig)
  • Euura pentandrae (Dahlbom)
  • Euura pentandrae (Retzius)
  • Nematus (Cryptocampus) buccatus Thomson
  • Nematus (Cryptocampus) medullaris Hartig
  • Nematus (Cryptocampus) medullarius Hartig
  • Nematus (Cryptocampus) populi Hartig
  • Nematus (Euura) amerinae (Linnaeus)
  • Nematus Pentandrae Dahlbom
  • Nematus amerinae (Linnaeus)
  • Nematus buccatus Thomson
  • Nematus medullarius Hartig
  • Nematus pentandrae Dahlbom
  • Nematus populi Hartig
  • Nematus saliceti (Fallén)
  • Tenthredo Salicis pentandrae Retzius
  • Tenthredo gallarum Latreille
  • Tenthredo petandrae Retzius
  • Tenthredo saliceti Fallén
  • Tenthredo salicis pentandrae Retzius
  • Tenthredo salicis-pentandrae Retzius
  • Tenthredo salicispentandrae Retzius
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