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Results for the species Pachycondyla tianzun Terayama:
Classified in: Vespoidea: Formicidae: Ponerinae: Ponerini: Brachyponera
Status of name: Invalid: Original name/combination
Valid name: Brachyponera tianzun (Terayama)
Date of description: 2009
Described by: Terayama, page(s) 106.
Citation of original description:
  • Terayama M. 2009. A synopsis of the family Formicidae of Taiwan (Insecta: Hymenoptera). Research Bulletin of Kanto Gakuen University. Liberal Arts 17: 81-266.
Synonyms of valid name:
The valid name and its synonyms have been cited as:
  • Brachyponera tianzun (Terayama)
  • Pachycondyla tianzun Terayama
Base reference(s) for the family Formicidae:
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